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Expatriation and returning to France

Bornhauser explores the methods and tax consequences of transferring a taxpayer’s residence (whether leaving or moving to France) and helps them comply with their tax obligations.

This is both the most publicised aspect of the assistance given by tax advisers to individuals and also the form that is least understood.

Far from the cliché of a “ready-made” exit package available on demand, we offer broadly based assistance on the tax advice needed for all international relocation planning.

This includes:

- identifying a client’s actual tax residence based on an analysis of the client’s circumstances, which may involve several countries (for example, the client lived in several countries, or their family is in country A while the client works in country B);

- where the country of residence changes, complying with any transfer-related obligations in the country the client is leaving (such as the exit tax in France) and collecting any incentives provided to new residents (including France’s regime for émigrés);

- in the case of successive countries of residence, optimising each country’s tax rules to establish a chronology that is in the client’s best interests (for example, arranging an asset transfer before taking up residence in France).

Bornhauser has extensive experience in this area, as well as a network of foreign correspondents that allows us to obtain “worldwide” validation of our tax analysis and make sure our clients always have local advisers to assist them with all the administrative procedures.