Accueil / FEES

Entering into a client relationship  

We do not charge for an initial meeting if it results in being instructed to take on the case.
However, if we are able to solve your problem during the first meeting or you do not follow up on the meeting, you will be charged for our time.        

How we set fees  

We are transparent with you about our fees and always discuss them in advance. In accordance with the ethical rules governing the legal profession, we have three types of fees:

  • Time-based fees

As a general rule, our fees are determined on the basis of time spent. Our hourly rate is between €150 and €450 excluding VAT, depending on various criteria including:

• the difficulty of the case;
• the experience of the lawyer in charge of the case.

Details of our hourly rates are as follows:

Partners: between €400 and €450
Senior associates: between €200 and €300
Junior associates: between €150 and €200
Trainees: €70

Although it is difficult to determine in advance the exact number of hours that will be devoted to the case, we try to provide an estimate at the first meeting

  • Fixed fees

If you agree, we may decide to set a global fixed fee.
In this case, the fee covers all the legal or tax work we do, but does not include disbursements, costs or the remuneration of other intermediaries (such as paralegal services providers, bailiffs, and lawyers admitted to State Council and Court of Cassation practise (Avocats aux Conseils)).
If you agree to this billing method, we will sign a fee agreement setting out the amount of the fixed fee and the services it covers

  • Result-based fees

The law provides that lawyers are “entitled to request and obtain a supplemental result-based fee, depending on the result or the service rendered”.
A result-based fee cannot be the only remuneration.
If you agree to this type of billing, we will sign a fee agreement indicating the amount of the fixed fee and the method for determining the result-based fee (a percentage of the amount of tax relief obtained or of the tax saving achieved).