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Accueil / Divestment (cash-out) operations

Divestment (cash-out) operations

The business you’ve built over many years is often your main asset.

There may come a time when you want to take over some or all of its accumulated assets and cash while continuing operations.

You may simply want to enjoy the fruits of your labour or pass them on. Sometimes you’re forced to cash out by external events.

In practical terms, as shareholder-manager you have several legal tools at your disposal. For example, you can pay yourself additional remuneration, distribute dividends, reduce capital, or refinance all or part of the shareholding.

However, each of these tools is subject to different tax rules and has different constraints and problems.

That is where we can help. Bornhauser helps its clients decide on and carry out the cash-out operation that is right for them and for their company while offering the best tax conditions possible.